Season 2 of the TV anime “Goblin Slayer” is decided! The latest teaser PV, visual by the original character designer Kannatsuki Noboru, and the comments from the original author Kagyu Kumo have been released.

“Goblin Slayer” is based on the dark fantasy light novel by Kagyu Kumo that is published by GA Bunko” with over 7 million copies in circulation.
It is a work that depicts the silver-ranked (third-ranked) adventurer that only hunts goblins, “Goblin Slayer” and the priestess, who accompany him after being rescued by him. Season 1 has a total of 12 episodes and was broadcast from October 2018 to December 2018.

The production of season 2 of the TV anime was announced on the “GA FES”, a WEB event to commemorate the 15th anniversary of “GA Bunko” on January 31.

The gorgeous cast members, which are Umehara Yuuichirou, Ogura Yui, Touyama Nao, Iguchi Yuka, Uchida Maaya, Nakamura Yuuichi, Sugita Tomokazu, Hikasa Youko, and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, will continue their roles from season 1.

It was also revealed that the Blu-ray BOX featuring season 1 will be released on April 28. It will include the cover drawn by Kannatsuki Noboru, the special booklets, the booklets and drama CD that were sold as a package’s bonus in the past, cast members’ audio commentary, and others.

A special event to win the autography board of the cast members is being held in the official Twitter account as a commemoration of season 2. Do look forward to the future announcements.

(C) Kagyu Kumo, SB Creative/ Goblin Slayer 2 Production Committee