“Idol Land Puripara”, a virtual idol life application for smartphones based on “Puripara”, will be released in the spring of 2021. This time, the 2ndcond teaser visual for the completely new anime “Idol Land Puripara”, which will be linked to the app, and comments from Date Arisa, who plays Yumekawa Yui, and Yamashita Seiichiro, who plays Yumekawa Shogo, have been announced.

“Idol Land Puripara” is an application for smartphones that allows players to create their own “My Character” and enjoy the life of an idol in the theme park “Puripara” where anyone can become an idol.
To coincide with the release of this app, the production of “Idol Land Puripara”, the first completely new anime in the series in three years, has started.

This time, the illustration of Yumekawa Yui (CV. Date Arisa), the main character of “Idol Time Puripara”, who was silhouetted in the second teaser visual of the anime, has been released. What happened to these two siblings, and what is the “key” that the older brother Shogo (CV. Yamashita Seiichiro) is holding, we can only wonder what will happen next.

“Idol Land Puripara” is scheduled to be released as an application for smartphones in the spring of 2021, and a completely new animation will be distributed.

Date Arisa as Yumekawa Yui

(Yumekawa Yui)
A bright and active girl who loves to dream and is in the 6th grade of Avocado Academy Elementary School. She is very fanciful and can dream anytime, anywhere! Her habit is to add “yume” to everything.
She loves rice so much that she carries around an electronic “Tacky” jar with her at all times!

The second key visual for “Idol Land Puripara” has just been released! I’ve always been a big fan of the Yumekawa siblings, so when I was shown this key visual ahead of time, I’m not kidding when I say I fell apart and cried on the spot (laughs).
I didn’t even know what the story was going to be about yet, so I was just looking at the key visual and thinking, “What kind of story is this going to be… Yui is going to sleep… and Shogo is going to wake her up? Or, why is Yui going to sleep? I’m still in the stage of excited imagination.
It’s like a dream come true to think that I’ll be able to see what happens to the Yumekawa siblings that I couldn’t see in “Idol Time Puripara”.
This is all thanks to all of you who have continued to support us because you love Puripara and the Yumekawa siblings. Thank you very much. I hope you’ll look forward to it!

Yamashita Seiichiro as Yumekawa Shogo

Yumekawa Shogo
A member of the popular idol team “WITH” in Otoko Pri. He’s a second year junior at Avocado Academy and Yui’s older brother. In front of everyone, he acts like a cute idol, but in front of Yui, his true feelings come out.

It’s been a few years since the series ended, but I’m happy to still be able to perform as Yumekawa Shogo. I’ve been weaving the history of Puripara through live performances, and I’m looking forward to finally returning to my roots and seeing everyone again in the anime.
While I’m expecting the same old sibling bickering, will the Yumekawa siblings be the key to the story as the teaser suggests? Please look forward to “WITH” and Yumekawa Shogo, who has grown a lot in the past few years.

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