The gravure project magazine “GIRLS graph.” with “Japan No. 1 Cosplayer” Enako on the cover page has been released on December 24, 2020. To commemorate the release, the photos of the popular beauties in the social network have been released.

“GIRLS graph.” is a gravure project magazine featuring the beauties that are active in the weekly magazine, manga magazine, and social network.

Enako is the “Japan No. 1 Cosplayer” with over 2.4 million followers on the social networks that has a big achievement this year, including the winner of “All Japan Gravure Award 2020” and “Gravure Japan Award 2020”, as well as an appearance in “Jounetsu Tairiku”. A total of 6 members of PP Enterprise, including Enako and the pioneer of Instagram gravure, Nitori Sayaka, have appeared on the cover page and head article of the magazine.

Do check out the cover page featuring Enako in the cute, sexy “Japanese” swimsuit and the cute cat ear style along with the 24-pages featured article.

To commemorate the release, the published photos of Enako, Nitori Sayaka, Inudou Minori, Kyouka, Kataoka Saya, Kogawa Yuuna (Yuuchami), and Hoshijima Sayaka along with the back cover featuring the 5 members of PP Enterprise in the “Japanese” swimsuit, have been released. The other beauties are Tachibana Haru, Kujou Negi, Aimin, Shirayuki Rira, Itou Sayaka, Higashi Asaka, DJ MEL, Mochizuki Hao, and others as the magazine features a total of more than 70 beauties.

“GIRLS graph.” is priced at 1,100 JPY (tax excluded), and it currently available at the stores.