From the TV anime “BEASTARS” Season 2, the synopsis and preceding cut of the Episode 14, which will be broadcast on January 13, 2021 (Wed), has been released.

The original work of “BEASTARS” Season 2 is a manga of the same title by Itagaki Paru serialized in “Weekly Shonen Champion”.
“I will be stronger to overcome society and my own instincts.”
Legoshi accepted himself as a carnivore and took a step toward love with Haru. However, there comes a new crisis to Legoshi, who seems to have regained a peaceful school life. It was a shadow of the murderer of the unsolved “murder”.
Furthermore, the remnants of the Shishigumi that should have been defeated started to regain their strength as the “New Shishigumi” in the Black Market… Will Legoshi be able to protect the “really important things” in the face of the new huge challenge?

In Episode 14, a giant rattlesnake with 6-eyespot patterns on her body appears in front of Legoshi!

When the rattlesnake coils around Legoshi and robs him of his freedom, she confesses that she has been keeping an eye on his tough body, but could she be the murderer of Tem?

“A certain request” gets imposed on Legoshi who cannot move and is confused.

From “BEASTARS” Season 2, Episode 14 will start broadcasting on Fuji TV “+ Ultra” and others from 0:55 am on January 13, 2021 (Wed).

(C) Itagaki Paru (Akita Shoten) / BEASTARS Production Committee