The latest visual for “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” has been released at “Jump Festa 2021 ONLINE” held on December 19 and 20, 2020. At the same time, special PV and cast members were announced.

In the visual released this time, Kawaki and “Kara” members, the most important people of the “The Vessel” arc, appeared. The PV is full of newly drawn cutscenes that show the mysterious Kawaki in action. You can enjoy the encounter between Kawaki and Borutot, and the hot battle action.

Moreover, the voice actors who will play “Kara” members have are also been announced. Uchida Yuma will voice Kawaki, a mysterious boy with the same mark as Boruto, Nakamura Yuuichi as Kashin Koji, and Otsuka Akio as Amado.
Also, Kuwashima Houko, Miyake Kenta, Terashima Junta, and others will appear. Comments from the cast and the author, Ikemoto Mikio, have arrived.

The TV anime series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” is currently being broadcast on TV Tokyo.

Uchida Yuma as Kawaki
I’m Uchida Yuma, who is voicing Kawaki! The first manga I bought in my life was “Naruto”. It’s unbelievable for me to be part of “Boruto”, which inherits that world view and spins a new story, and I’m very happy. I am overwhelmed by Kawaki’s sharp eyes and strong presence, but I hope I can fulfill this role. Please look forward to it!

Nakamura Yuuichi as Kashin Koji
I chased the original from “Naruto” to the role of “Kashin Koji”, but it fits quite well now!
(Laughs) I’m just grateful that I can play Kashin Koji who I got interested in reading “Boruto”. Just recently, the identity in the comics was revealed, but… I’m excited! I would like to play the scene as soon as possible, and I will do my best to work on the TV series.

Otsuka Akio as Amado
My name is Otsuka Akio and I will be playing Amado in the “Boruto” series. Looking back, I’ve been involved since the time of “Naruto”, and I’m honored to be part of the work again. Amado seems to be a hard character to deal with, but I will walk with him through the story of Shinobi to the future. I’m looking forward to your continued support for the manga and the TV anime series.

Kuwashima Houko as Delta
I will play Delta, a member of “Kara”!
Delta is a sly, courageous, and eccentric character, and she’s a very fun character to play. Also, there are only reliable people in the team as co-stars, and I am happy to be able to participate there. Right now, I want to perform against Boruto as soon as possible… I feel like praying that the day will be as early as possible (laughs). Thank you for your support!

Miyake Kenta as Boro
I’m Miyake Kenta. This time I will be in charge of Boro, one of the members of the “Kara”.
Anyway, he’s a mystery. I’m playing him, but I don’t know where he ends, and I’m terrified about what kind of darkness Boro will show in the future. I feel that he can be one of the threats for Boruto and his friends, so I would like to rampage to the extent when Boruto is tattered.
Thank you.

Terashima Junta as Code
I’ve been reading “Naruto” since elementary school, so I’m really happy to be able to appear in the sequel “Boruto”. Code is a mysterious character, so every time I get a new script, I discover something new. What kind of secret does he hide? What is his deal with Boruto? Please look forward to future developments!

Ikemoto Mikio
Last year I commented, “Kawaki finally will speak in the anime!”, and this time Kawaki really moves and speaks!
They will be brought to life by the divine work of the anime staff and voice actors and will show even more charm that is comparable to Boruto and Naruto.
Currently, in the manga, a deadly battle with a certain strong enemy has entered a climax, and we are about to reach a turning point.
Do you remember the scene at the beginning of the first episode?
Yes, that scene where Boruto and Kawaki in the form of a young man confront each other.
I can’t tell you the entire story, but it’s not too far when they show their “grown-up” form.
Why are they hostile?
Is Naruto in danger? Don’t miss the series of raging billows!

(C) Kishimoto Masashi Scott / Shueisha / TV Tokyo / Pierrot