The cast members of the school idol group “Liella!” from the latest series of “Love Live!”, “Love! Live! Super Stars!!” was announced on December 14, 2020. When the Chinese cosplayer, Liyuu-san with more than 1.8 followers on social media was revealed to take on the role of Tang Keke, it has become a boom as the word “Liyuu-san” has become a momentarily trend on Twitter.

“Love Live!” is a “school idol project” that has various media development, including CD release, anime, game, and live event, with the key word of “Minna de Kanae Monogatari (A story where every wishes come true)”.

The new series “Love Live! Super Star!!” is the latest project after μ’s, Aqours, and Nijigasaki High School Idol Club that started in January 2020. It has created a boom as the TV anime production and the main cast members’ audition were announced.

The cast members of the school idol unit “Liella!” from “Love Live! Super Star!!” were Date Sayuri-san and Aoyama Nagisa-san, the two peeople that were chosen from the general audition, Liyuu-san, Misaki Nako-san, and Payton Naomi-san.
After the announcement was made, the role of Tang Keke, which is Liyuu-san, has become the center of attention.

Liyuu-san is a cosplayer from Shanghai, China with more than 1.8 million followers on social media, and she debuted as a singer in 2020 with “Magic Words”, the opening theme of the TV anime “Hatena Illusion”.
Before this, she is also a “Loveliver” where she had revealeds her cosplay from the “Love Live!” series on social media, and because of her similar circumstance with Tang Keke, who is “going to Japan from Shanghai, China due to her admiration of school idol”, she was selected for the role.

After seeing this announcement, several tweets continue on Twitter, including “The latest Love Live, will be freaking hot as Liyuu-san is there”, “To think that Liyuu-san will participating as a voice actress, I’m surprised and looking forward to it!”, “Liyuu-san has gotten her a role in her desired Love Live series…!!! Congratulation!!!”, and “Congratulation!!! To think that Liyuu-chan has gotten a role in Love Live! is this a dream?”.

Also, Liyuu-san has tweeted with enthusiasm on her personal Twitter, saying “I will be handling the role of Tang Keke, a member of Liella! from Love Live! Super Star! I can’t believe that I am able to participate in this as I love the series!! I will do my best as a voice actress, in dancing, singing as well as learning Japanese!! Do look forward to it!!” Nitta Emi-san, the role of μ’s Kousaka Honoka, has send a blessing message to her saying “Liyuu-chan, congratulation!”.

“Liella!” debut single “Hajimari ha Kimi no Sora (The beginning is your sky)” with animation MV will be released in spring 2021.
“Love Live ! Super Star!!” will surely be a highlight from now on.