The sequel of “The Boss Baby”, which is the most popular DreamWorks Animation’s movie in Japan, called “The Boss Baby: Family Business” was announced to be released in Japan. It was also announced that Muro Tsuyoshi will continue his role as Boss Baby in the Japanese dub.

“The Boss Baby” is a 3D animation work based on the picture book “The Boss Baby” by Marla Frazee, and is produced together with Universal Studio and DreamWorks Animation for the first time.
After being welcomed to the family of the 7 years old Tim, the gap between the cuteness and speech of “Boss Baby” Ted, who looks like a baby but with an adult brain, has become a hot topic.

The sequel “The Boss Baby: Family Business” depicts an adult Tim who has become a househusband with two daughters and his younger brother, “Boss Baby” Ted has become a super businessman and also an elite CEO.
As time passes, their bonds become weaker, but they joined up once again by a “new Boss Baby” and was given a mission to save the world…
Will they be able to complete the mission?

Along with the announcement of the sequel, the comments from Muro have also been released. “The Boss Baby: Family Business” will be released in 2021.

Muro Tsuyoshi, as Boss Baby in the Japanese dub
The Boss Baby will return once again.
They said that Muro’s voice is good for the role.
I will do my boss.
I want to become Boss Baby.
As I am able to chatter in front of everyone as Boss Baby in this situation.
Everyone wants to chatter in this situation right?
I will wait for you at the theatre as Boss Baby.
Let’s chatter.
So that everyone can be happy.

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