“The Boss Baby: Family Business”, the sequel to “The Boss Baby” will be premiered on December 17. The dubbing cast from the previous work will return, including Kyoko Yoshine, Miyano Mamoru, Otoha, and Ishida Akira (NON STYLE), and we have received comments from them. The trailer has also been unveiled.

“The Boss Baby: Family Business” is set 25 years after the events of the first film, and Ted Jr. is now fully grown. Together with Tim, he drinks super milk to turn back into a child and goes on the biggest-ever mission to stop a genius doctor of evil from brainwashing babies to take over the world.

Following the announcement that Muro Tsuyoshi will continue to play Ted Jr., it has been announced that Yoshine Kyoko, who played the Boss Baby’s older brother Tim (7 years old) in the first film will play Tim’s daughter Tabitha. Miyano Mamoru, who played Tim after growing up in the latter part of the first film, will play Tim after growing up and returning back into a kid.

Moreover, Otoha and will Ishida Akira (NON STYLE) continue to play Janice and Ted Sr., Ted Jr. and Tim’s mother father. The recording by the great cast members has already been launched.

The Movie “The Boss Baby: Family Business” will be premiered nationwide on December 17.

【Yoshine Kyoko (Tabitha)】
I am so glad that I can come back to “The Boss Baby” again as Tim’s daughter Tabitha! She is still 8 years old but precocious. Even though this is a difficult role with singing scenes, I will try to play her role while leaning on and reaching out to her. I would be glad if you come to watch the movie.

【Miyano Mamoru (Tim after growing up and returning back into a kid)】

I’m glad to be able to participate in “The Boss Baby”, and I was surprised as I hadn’t expected grown-up Tim to be taking such a major role. However, I tried to make the best effort as much as I could (laugh) and had so much fun playing the role, so I would be happy if I can deliver great love and happiness to those who watch the movie! Please wait till the premiere date!

【Otoha (Ted Jr. and Tim’s mother / Janice)】

I am so glad that I can participate again in “The Boss Baby” that I love . I was also energized by Janice, who is cheerful and powerful even after getting old. Please come to the theaters and enjoy the new mission!

【NON STYLE Ishida Akira (Ted Jr. and Tim’s father / Ted Sr.)】

I didn’t expect that I can join this movie again. My 4-year-old twin daughters are in the middle of The Boss Baby fad, and they watch it almost everyday. I feel glad even more because of that. I played the role, thinking I want to be a grandfather like him. Please watch the movie with your grandma and grandpa.

The Movie “The Boss Baby: Family Business”
Premiere on Friday, December 17
■Cast (Subbed / Dubbed) : Ted Templeton Jr.-Alec Baldwin (Muro Tsuyoshi)
■Production: Jeff Hermann
■Director: Tom McGrath (“The Boss Baby”)

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