Morikubo Shoutarou, a voice actor and artist, held his first online live performance as a solo artist, “Morikubo ‘Shoutarou LIVE 2020: Heart, Nude, Night, Singing – PHASE 8 – ONLINE’ on November 14, 2020. A report from the performance has arrived.

The live started with excitement at the side of the stage.
The MC said: “We would like to broadcast the live only online. Let’s get excited this year in every place and in every way to enjoy it! The audience were entertained with the numerous camera work and visual effects on the stage.

In the middle of the live, they announced the tie-up and the release of the new single and performed the new song “LIGHT OF JUSTICE” for the first time. In the last song “SUNSET RADIO”, they sang the names of the tour cities that they were unable to visit, and reminded the audience of the places where the tour would have taken place.

After the performance, a talk show was broadcasted. Morikubo-san read through the messages from fans after the live and talked about his impressions of the live while answering questions about the stage direction and setlist.
I’m looking forward to sharing the same space with you as soon as possible.

The show is now available on ‘ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE’ and is archived on ‘ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE’. It can be viewed until 11:59 P. M. on November 28.

Photographer: Kusakari Masayukiri