New products of the apparel brand “Noitamina Apparel”, from Fuji TV’s late-night anime slot “Noitamina”, including “‘PYSCHO-PASS’ Wristwatches” have been announced.
As a celebration for the 10th anniversary of the brand, the online shop got a renewal, and visuals that exceed the common sense of anime goods, have been revealed.

“Noitamina Apparel” is an apparel brand that started together with the broadcast of the TV anime “Guilty Crown” in 2011.
Regarding the TV anime “PSYCHO-PASS” that was broadcasted in 2013, various products that are not limited to anime-related goods, including the “characters’ perfume voting project” where fans will vote for the fragrances of the character’s perfume to be created, were conducted.

A total of 5 new products were announced along with the 10th anniversary of “Noitamina Apparel”.
For the “‘PYSCHO-PASS’ Wristwatches”, it comes in “Public Safety Bureau’s Model” with the color of the raid jacket that only Inspector can wear as the base’s color and the silver carving of the public safety’s mark, and “Ministry of Foreign Affairs Operations’ Model” with shining black as the base’s color and the carving of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Operations Department “SAD’s mark that gives off a luxurious aura.

Other products from “PSYCHO-PASS” series are the “Bottled Aroma Gel Candle” (7 types) inspired by Shindo Arata, Kei Mikhail Ignatov, Hinakawa Sho, Kogami Shinya, Ginoza Nobuchika, Makishima Shingo, and Tsunemori Akane, and the “Graphic Art Canvas” featuring the illustration of Kogami Shinya, Makishima Shingo, and Ginoza Nobuchika.
Do also check out “Big Silhouette Hoodies” with the cute Noitamina official characters, Mina & Noitan, which is illustrated by Umino Chika, known for “Honey & Clover” and “Eden of the East”.

The price for the latest product of “Noitamina Apparel” are as follows:
“PSYCHO-PASS 3” Wristwatch Public Safety Bureau’s Model (First Press Limited Specification): 32,780 JPY (tax included)
“PSYCHO-PASS 3” Wristwatch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Model (First Press Limited Specification): 36,080 JPY
“PSYCHO-PASS 3” Bottled Aroma Gel Candle (7 types): 4,950 JPY (tax included) each
“PSYCHO-PASS 3” Graphic Art Canvas (3 types with 2 sizes): 4,840 JPY (tax included) each for small and 13,200 JPY (tax included) each for big
“‘Mina & Noitan’ Big Silhouette Hoodies”: 6,380 JPY (tax included)
Further details can be found on each product webpage of “Noitamina Apparel” Online Shop.

(C)Psycho Pass Production Committee