The youthful spokesman musical manga “Kageki Shoujo!!” is set to become a TV anime in 2021. Directed by Yoneda Kazuhiro of “Yona the Akatsuki”, the anime will feature a talented staff including composer Saito Tsuneyoshi, who also wrote music for the Takarazuka Revue, and will tell the story of how the girls meet, starting from season zero.

“Kageki Shoujo!!” is based on an adolescent spokesperson musical manga series by Saiki Kumiko that is currently being serialized in Hakusensha’s Melody magazine.
The story takes place at the Koka Opera Music School, which aims to nurture talent for the all-female “Koka Opera Company”, and depicts the struggles and conflicts of the “100th batch” of teenage girls who are aiming to become future stars.

The teaser visual has been released. The visual shows Watanabe Sarasa, a naive and innocent girl with a height of 178cm who loves “Master Oscar”, and Narada Ai, a former “national idol” who is indifferent to her dreams and friends, in stage costume.

In addition, the main staff for the anime version have also been announced. Directed by Yoneda Kazuhiro who is known for “Akatsuki no Yona”, the series is composed by Morishita Nao who is known for the TV drama “Full Swing”, and Kishida Takahiro who is known for “High-Que! (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind), character design by Kishida Takahiro, music by Saito Tsuneyoshi, who has worked on music for the Takarazuka Troupe including “Gekijou”, and animation by PINE JAM, who produced “Grapnir”, to create a sensitive and realistic depiction of adolescence.

“Kageki Shoujo!1” will be made into a TV anime in 2021. We are waiting for more news on the cast.

<The full text of the comments is below.
Based on the novel by Saiki Kumiko
Coincidentally, it’s the 25th anniversary of my life as a manga artist and it’s an anime. I was surprised that I had a future like this.
I can’t help but look forward to seeing Sarasa and the other 100th students of Koka Opera Music School step out of the black and white world and sing and dance their way through a sea of color!

Director: Yoneda Kazuhiro
I don’t want to rattle off rhetoric, so I will just respect the original work, face it with sincerity, and work on it honestly and carefully. I will do my best to do what I can to make the audience happy.
Please give me your encouragement for this project.

Series composition: Morishita Tadashi
When I was asked to write the script for “Kageki Shoujo!!” I was struck by the complexities of human relationships and the energy of these sensitive girls as they face their traumas and carve out a future, as well as their refreshing friendships, just like in a historical drama.
I would like to pay tribute once again to the hard work of everyone involved in making this film in the midst of the corona crisis. It is my greatest pleasure to be able to deliver the power to keep dreaming and the power of entertainment in times like these.
We ask for your continued support of the TV anime “Kagekishoujo!!”

Music by Saito Tsuneyoshi
I’ve been hesitating about the fact that the music to accompany a play is quite different from the music to be attached to a video and the music to be attached to a stage play, but this time, I decided to take the plunge and create a lot of theatrical music for “Kakiki Shoujo!!”
It’s not a musical anime, but I hope it will convey the atmosphere of the real-life of these young girls who spend their days immersed in the theater and aspire to become theater people in an extraordinary world.

(C) Saiki Kumiko Saiki, Hakusensha/”Kageki Shoujo!!” production committee