New cast members of “Yu Yu Hakusho Stage Play 2” based on “Yu Yu Hakusho” were announced. Kizu Tsubasa as Suzaku, Tanoue Marina as Yukina, Katayama Hironori as Younger Toguro, and Nakagauchi Masataka as Older Toguro.

The original work “Yu Yu Hakusho” is a manga that was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 1990 to 1994 by Togashi Yoshihiro, known for “Hunter × Hunter”.
The comics have over 50 million copies published, and the anime series adaptation had high ratings. The work has a strong fan base not only in Japan but also in countries around the world.

New cast members for “Yu Yu Hakusho Stage Play 2” were revealed in this announcement along with their enthusiastic comments. Kizu Tsubasa as Suzaku, Tanoue Marina as Yukina, Katayama Hironori as Younger Toguro, and Nakagauchi Masataka as Older Toguro.

“Yu Yu Hakusho Stage Play 2” Tokyo performance will be held at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Stellar Ball from December 4 to 15, 2020, Osaka performance at Cool Japan Park Osaka WW Hall from December 18 to 20, 2020, and Kyoto performance at Kyoto-Gekijou from December 23 to 30, 2020. Check out the official website for details.

Kizu Tsubasa as Suzaku

Hello, fans of “Yu Yu Hakusho”, I am Kizu Tsubasa, and I will be playing Suzaku in “Yu Yu Hakusho Stage Play 2”.

It is an honor to be able to play Suzaku, the leader of the Four Beasts, in a title beloved for so many years, and to be able to work with amazing actors and the audience with the same aspiration.

I will do my best to deliver everything that the work offers and would like to express my appreciation to the fans who come to see the show under these circumstances. Please enjoy!

Enoki Tomokazu as Seiryu

Hello, I’m Enoki Tomokazu.
It’s a great honor to play Seiryu of the Four Beasts.
I’ve enjoyed reading “Yu Yu Hakusho” on Jump and watching the anime as a child, but I never thought I would be part of this work!
I got goosebumps when I was offered the role, and I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about this amazing news.

I will do my best with heart afire to make the cast and staff who brought together the “Yu Yu Hakusho” soul from the last show, and the fans who come to see, say that this 2nd stage play is as great as the first one.
Please look forward to it!

Tanoue Marina as Yukina

I still have a clear memory of being absorbed in reading the original work and was so excited when it got a stage play adaptation last year.
I can’t help but be excited about finally becoming a member of the company in the 2nd stage play.
I’m looking forward to working together with such wonderful cast.

I will do my best to portray her innocence, cuteness, toughness, and many other sides of her to bring her to life in three dimensions.

Katayama Hironori as Younger Toguro

When I was offered this role, I froze for a moment, and right after, I was filled with a rush of joy.
I remember playing “Yu Yu Hakusho” with my brother. He played Urameshi and I played younger Toguro, and we would shoot each other with Reigan and Shidan.

Younger Toguro is my favorite character, so I was thrilled to get the role. I want to give it my 100%.

Araki Kentarou as Sakyou

It’s my favorite manga I’ve been reading since I was a child.
I was delighted to be offered this job.

My character, Sakyou, is an indescribable, mysterious character, and I remember being oddly fascinated by him.
Humans are actually more complex, dark, and frightening than youkai, and I think Sakyou embodies this very well.
He’s an amazing character that greatly broadened the world of “Yu Yu Hakusho”.
I’ll do my best to deliver this essence.

Nakagauchi Masataka as Older Toguro

This was the work of my generation! I watched “Yu Yu Hakusho” as a kid! Thank you for letting me part of the stage play adaptation.
It’s a true honor to be able to play the role of the “big brother”!
I’m excited about the rehearsals and wonder how I would portray this character.

We will work hard to prevent any infections so that the fans, cast, and staff can all safely go through all the performances. Thank you for your support!

(C) Stage Play “Yu Yu Hakusho” 2 Production Committee
(C) Yoshihiro Togashi 1990, 1994