TV anime “Horimiya” (to be aired in January 2021) special program “‘Horimiya’ Super Slightly Carbonated Abema Special” #2 will be exclusively distributed on the ABEMA “ABEMA Anime Channel” on November 23, 2020 at 9:00 pm.

“Horimiya” is a TV anime based on the original comic of the same name by HERO and Hagiwara Daisuke. It describes the “super bittersweet school life” of the protagonist Hori Kyoko, her classmate Miyamura Izumi and other unique characters of Katagiri High School.

In the special program “Horimiya” Super Carbonated Abema Special #2, Tomatsu Haruka (who plays Hori Kyoko) and Uchiyama Koki (who plays Miyamura Izumi Miyamura), Yamashita Seiichirou (who plays Ishikawa Toru Ishikawa) and Kozakai Yurie (who plays Yoshikawa Yuki) appear on the program to introduce highlights of the TV anime “Horimiya”. Also, the latest information will be announced in the program.

“‘Horimiya’ Super Slightly Carbonated Abema Special” #2 will be distributed on ABEMA ‘ABEMA Anime Channel’ from 9:00 pm on November 23.

(C) HERO, Hagiwara Daisuke/SQUARE ENIX, “Horimiyaah” Production Committee