“Horimiya (Hori-san to Miyamura-kun)” will appear as a TV anime adaptation, and will be broadcast from Jan. 2021. It is the manga by HERO and Hagiwara Daisuke, which is being serialized in Gangan. The teaser visual and cast information about Tomatsu Haruka and Uchiyama Kouki have also been revealed.

“Horimiya” is a comic based on the composition and illustration by HERO, a Web writer.
After Hori, the most popular girl in the class, and Miyamura, a gloomy fanboy met at school…… It features chou-bitansan-kei school life with love, friendship, and youth story.

Along with the announcement of the TV anime adaptation, the cast has also been revealed. Tomatsu Haruka will play Hori Kyouko, the most popular girl in the class, and Uchiyama Kouki will play Miyamura Izumi, a gloomy fanboy.
Comments from HERO, the author, Hagiwara Daisuke, the illustrator, and two cast members have arrived.
This work is directed by Ishihama Masashi, who is known for “PERSONA5 the Animation” and “From the New World”. Yoshioka Takao, who is known for “Your Lie in April” and “WORKING!!”, is responsible for the series composition and script. CloverWorks, which is known for “Her Blue Sky” and “The Promised Neverland”, is in charge of the animation production.

In addition, the special program about the work will be broadcast on “ABEMA” on Sep. 21. Tomatsu Haruka and Uchiyama Kouki will appear, and the anime PV will be revealed for the first time.

TV anime “Horimiya” will be broadcast from Jan. 2021.

<Full comments are below.>The author, HERO.
Congratulations on the “Horimiya” TV anime adaptation!
I’m looking forward to seeing how the illustrations drawn by Hagiwara-Sensei will be.
I’d like to say thank you to all the people that have been supporting us, including the staff and cast.

The illustrator, Hagiwara Daisuke.
I’m so glad that it will be an anime adaptation.
As I look back on the days when its serialization had started, I’m deeply moved.
I’m so grateful and excited to be blessed with the wonderful staff. I’m breathing heavily. I’m also looking forward Hori-san and other characters’ youth story with motion!

Tomatsu Haruka as Hori Kyouko.

I got to be a fan of this work when I read the original, and have been thinking that I want to play Hori-san.
I was very glad to be chosen in the audition.
The two protagonists are balanced like a married couple from the beginning for some reason. Hori-san is frank, kind, and reliable, but sometimes acts girlishly. I will try to play her with my best to draw out her charms.

Uchiyama Kouki as Miyamura Izumi

The original anime depicts the youthful story of the high school characters, and recreates their feelings, which makes me feel fresh.
I will try to recall the memory and feelings from 10 years ago, and play the character so that he seems lively.

(C)HERO, Hagiwara Daisuke / SQUARE ENIX, “Horimiya” Production Committee