The screening event “BL FEST!! Boys Love Festival!!”, where you can enjoy the world of Boys Love (a.k.a. BL), will be held on Dec. 11. At the same time, it has been announced that Morikawa Toshiyuki will appear in “The Incredible Kintaro”, which will be screened at this event.

At “BL FEST!! Boys Love Festival!!”, various anime titles, such as “Yes, No, or Maybe Half?” written by Michi Ichiho and drawn by Takemiya Rara, and “The Incredible Kintaro” by Guren Naomi will be screened at the same time. It is also planned to announce the 2021 edition of “This BL is dangerous!”, which is one of the leading awards in the BL world.

“The Incredible Kintaro” is an ambitious work that surprised readers with unique techniques called “Shame Attack!” in the work, such as “Plummeting Drill ” and ” Tofu Ball Choke”. In the released dynamically drawn key visual, the dignified figure of the main character, Kintaro, played by Morikawa Toshiyuki, who smiles to his beloved lover, another main character, Makoto.

Morikawa, who has chosen on the role of Incredible Kintaro this time, will also be the chairman of this event and will also be the overall producer of the entire project. Comments about his appearances have arrived as well.

“BL FEST!! Boys Love Festival!!” will be held on Dec. 11.

Morikawa Toshiyuki’s comment:

I’m Morikawa Toshiyuki, the emperor of the BL world, who will be the chairman at BL FEST!! 2020.
This time, it has been decided that I will play Incredible Kintaro, who is the main star in the anime “Incredible Kintaro”! It’s a starring role (laughs). I think it’s a work suitable for an unprecedented BL festival. I would like to challenge all my heart so that I can enjoy it with everyone. I will protect the important things! Please stay tuned!

“BL FEST !! Boys Love Festival!!”
It will be released nationwide on Dec. 11, 2020 (Friday), including Shinjuku Wald 9!