65 years have passed since the film “Godzilla” was released. To celebrate the anniversary, a collaboration event titled ‘cookpad studio birthday celebration’ will be held from Nov. 3 to Nov. 22 at ‘cookpad studio’ (Osaka), where you can film or live-stream while you are cooking.

The ‘cookpad studio birthday celebration’ is a collaboration event between Godzilla and ‘cookpad’ to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the first film “Godzilla” that was released in 1954. ‘CookpadTV’ considered the world of Godzilla in terms of food, and created menu inspired by Godzilla and the soul food of Osaka.

The limited menu will include meals such as ‘Godzilla is swimming! Magma Sauce Takoyaki Omlet Rice’ and ‘Tail is approaching! Shin Osaka Famous Kushikatsu Curry Rice’, and sweets such as ‘Shinsaibashi Godzilla Roll’ and ‘Godzilla Gateau Chocolat’.
You will be given an original novelty if you order any food or drink.

Furthermore, ‘cookpad studio birthday celebration’ original goods will be on sale during the event. The items include an art panel and eco-bag set that features Godzilla and Osaka Castle, which will be offered for a limited time.
You can also purchase the limited goods and food at the EC site of the ‘cookpad studio’.

The ‘cookpad studio birthday celebration’, a collaboration event between Godzilla and ‘cookpad studio’ will be held from Nov. 3 to Nov. 22 at ‘cookpad studio’ in Osaka.