The TV anime “Bungo Strayed Dogs Wan!” will be broadcasted from Jan. 2021. At the same time, a teaser visual and cast information has also been released.

“Bungo Strayed Dogs Wan!” is an official funny spin-off of “Bungo Stray Dogs” serialized in Young Ace UP. In this title, armed detective agency and mafia characters appear in minimalist form. A gag spin-off variety show is depicting funny stray dogs barking “Wan!” at everyday occurrences.

The teaser visual shows Atsushi and Akutagawa glaring at each other and Dazai and others looking on.

As with the “Bungo Strayed Dogs” anime, the cast of the film features Uemura Yuuto as Nakajima Atsushi, Miyano Mamoru as Osamu Dazai, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Kokukida Doppo, Morohoshi Sumire as Izumi Kyoka, Ono Kenshou as Akutagawa Ryunosuke, and Taniyama Kishou as Nakahara Chuya.
Animation production will be by Bones and Nomad.

The TV anime “Bungo Strayed Dogs Wan!” is scheduled to start from Jan. 2021.

(C) Kafka Asagiri, Kanaineko, and Harukawa 35 / KADOKAWA / Bungo Stray Dogs Wan! production committee