“Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy” will be broadcast worldwide from 10 A.M. Nov. 22, 2020, to celebrate a million subscribers for the “Ultraman” official YouTube channel. Along with this announcement, an outline of the story and additional cast members, including Suwabe Junichi and Hasegawa Hatsunori, were also revealed.

“Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy” is a fan’s dream collaboration in which Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Taiga, Ultraman Z, and many other Ultraman’s get together.

Suwabe Junichi will be appearing in the “Ultraman” series for the first time as the mysterious character, Absolute Tartarus. And Hasegawa Hatsunori, who played the protagonist Yamato Takeru in “Ultraman 80”, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, will be voicing Ultraman 80.

The other cast members that were announced were Iijima Hajime as Ultraman Ken a.k.a. the Father of Ultra, Mimori Suzuko as Ultraman Marie a.k.a. the Mother of Ultra, Takeuchi Shunsuke as Zoffy, Sugiura Taiyou as Ultraman Cosmos, Han Megumi as Ultraman Justice, Seki Tomokazu as Ultraman Great, and Morikawa Tomoyuki as Ultraman Powered. And Sugita Tomokazu as Space Fear-Demon Zett and Tomatsu Haruka as Julian will be appearing in a video work for the first time.

“Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy” has a total of 3 chapters, 10 episodes, and will be streamed on the official “Ultraman” YouTube channel from 10 A.M. Nov. 22, 2020.

Suwabe Junichi as Absolute Tartarus

I’m Suwabe Junichi, and I will be playing Absolute Tartarus.
I’m speechless of the fact that I’m going to be a part of the Ultraman series that I’ve been familiar with since I was a kid! My personal favorites are the socially conscious “Ultraman Seven” and the shocking “Ultraman Leo” in which MAC gets wiped out. Silver Bloome was traumatic to our generation.

Seeing all the Ultramans appearing on screen during the recording filled my eyes with tears. I think a wide generation of audiences will enjoy this work. Who is the mysterious golden giant? What does he aim for? Please look forward to the show!

Hasegawa Hatsunori as Ultraman 80

To be honest, I was surprised by the offer to voice Ultraman 80, but since it was from director Sakamoto, who I trust, I gladly accepted the offer.
I haven’t been involved with the series for a while, so I felt nostalgic when I was given the script.
Since there weren’t any Ultraman 80 lines with Yamato Takeru’s voice at the time, this recording was very refreshing.

It’s been a while since Ultraman 80 last appeared. Thank you for your support over the years, and please continue to believe in us.

Chapter 1
The story is set in the time when Ultraman Ribut, the elite member of the “Galaxy Rescue Force”, was a Civilization Observer.
Along with Ultraman Max, Ribut detects a strange sign on a planet, but it was a trap by the enemy with a thirst for vengeance.
Max defends Ribut and is in deep danger! At the same time, Ultraman 80 and Julian are attacked by Lugosite.
But this was only the beginning of “The Absolute Conspiracy”!
Who is the mysterious golden giant (Absolute Tartarus) plotting in the shadows? Can Ribut and his team save Max and fend off the threat of the enemy?

Chapter 2
Tens of thousands of years ago, in the age of the Great Ultra War.
During the fierce battles between the Kaiju Forces led by Alien Empera and the Land of Light, Ultraman Ken (later to become the Father of Ultra) and Ultraman Belial both distinguished themselves in battle.
Though they were heroes that fought side by side, Ken was promoted to become the commander of the Inter Galactic Defense Force and even wins the heart of Ultraman Marie (later to become the Mother of Ultra), while Belial couldn’t stand the gap between them becoming wider and wider.
He seeks more power and goes out of control… That’s when the golden giant (Absolute Tartarus) appears and whispers to him.

“Don’t you want to change your fate?”

Chapter 3
After defeating Grimdo, Taiga and the rest of the Tri-Squad are training in space, when the “Ruler of All Zetton”, Space Fear-Demon Zett attacks them!
Summoning various Zettons, Fear-Demon Zett puts the Tri-Squad in deep danger!
Ultraman Zero and the other Ultramans take a new measure to fight against the golden giant (Absolute Tartarus), who was plotting everything from the shadows.

With the rookie Inter Galactic Defense Force member, Ultraman Z, joining Ultraman Mebius and his other amazing senpais, they stand against the absolute conspiracy!