“Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon” (broadcast from Oct. 3, 2020) is a TV anime that depicts a new story of the “Inuyasha” world. Kimura Ryouhei as Kohaku, Urao Takehiro as Hisui, and Fairouz Ai as Takechiyo were announced as additional cast members along with comments from them.

The anime develops around Towa and Setsuna, who are the twin children of Sesshoumaru from “Inuyasha”, and Moroha, the child of Inuyasha and Kagome.

Under the supervision of director Satou Teruo, who was the assistant director in “Inuyasha: The Final Act”, story editor Kumazawa Katsuhiko is in charge of the original story, with the original author Takahashi Rumiko as the main character designer.
A new Sengoku story is developed by the “Inuyasha” anime series staff, including Hishinuma Yoshihito as animation character designer and Wada Kaoru as music composer.

It was announced that Kimura Ryouhei, Urao Takehiro, and Fairouz Ai will be joining the cast members Matsumoto Sara as Towa, Komatsu Minako as Setsuna, and Tadokoro Azusa as Moroha.

Their roles are Kimura as Hisui’s uncle, Kohaku, head of the yokai extermination shop, Urao as the son of Miroku and Sango, Hisui, who works with Setsuna and Towa as a member of the yokai extermination shop, and Fairouz as the baby tanuki yokai, Takechiyo, who works at “Kabaneya” that handles bounties and remains of youkai.
Let’s look forward to seeing the fated half-demon princesses, along with the characters who support them and their voice actors.

TV anime “Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon” will start from 5:30 P.M. Oct. 3 on Yomiuri TV and Nippon TV channels. It will also be available on various streaming services for free, a monthly fee, or pay-per-view.

【Kimura Ryouhei】
I have a strange, uplifting feeling as if I’m traveling through time when I get to be a part of a work that I used to be a viewer of as a child.
I hope we can make it a work that both original fans and new viewers will be able to enjoy! Akko-san! Let’s do this together!

【Urao Takehiro】
The first CD I bought with my allowance in elementary school was the theme song of “Inuyasha”.
It’s like a dream to be able to be part of such a work. I wish I could tell the child me, who used to play pretend and say “Kazaana!” or “Hiraikotsu!”.
I will run through the new era along with Hisui so that everyone can enjoy the work, both the fans from before and those who come across the “Inuyasha World” for the first time!

【Fairouz Ai】
Hi, I’m Fairouz Ai, and I will be playing Takechiyo!
I never thought I would be a part of the “Inuyasha World”, which I used to watch as a child, as a voice actor, so I’m really excited!
Takechiyo’s cheeky attitude is fun to watch, so please look forward to the humorous dialogue with the other characters!

(C)Takahashi Rumiko / Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, Sunrise 2020