TAKARATOMY has announced new anime series “Cap Revolution Bottleman” dedicated to the PET bottle caps campaign that will start from October 2020. At the same time, the original anime will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel of TAKARATOMY.

“Cap Revolution Bottleman” is a shooting hobby where you can enjoy various competitions by launching exclusive and available to buy PET bottle caps.
As the first step, from Oct. 24, 2020, three types of pet bottle caps will be available “BOT-01 Coramaru” “BOT-02 Aqua Sports” “BOT-03 Gyo Clock” (800 JPY each, tax not included)
Also, the battlefield and one limited color “Coramaru” will be all-in-one, and you can play in conjunction with the Nintendo Switch “BOT-04 Bottleman Digital Battle Set” (4,980 JPY, tax not included), and the Battle Cap “BOT-05 Bottle” exclusively for Bottleman. “Man Official Cap” (300 JPY, tax not included) will be on sale at toy specialty stores, internet shops, and TAKARATOMY official shopping site “TAKARATOMY Mall” nationwide.

The original anime “Cap Revolution Bottleman” is based on the game “Bottle Battle”, which using Bottleman in the virtual space “Drink World”, and the main character is Coater Koga who aims to be the best bottle king in the world. Meet his partner, Bottleman Coramaru, and draw a hot battle with various rivals.
The purpose is to convey the charm of the characters that appear through the animation, the world view of Bottleman, and the fun of Bottle Robo.

The original anime series “Cap Revolution Bottleman” will be available on the official TAKARATOMY YouTube channel from Oct. 9.

Main Character “Burning Fire Bullet Rookie” Coater Koga: Hirata Mana

“I wanted to see this kind of anime!” This is the first impression I got when I saw the moving coaters. The coater is a slamming-type hero who challenges many times with effort and ingenuity. The way they never let up and look like they are having so much fun, I can’t help but jump up and down with them in the studio.
Friends who are tightly packed with individuality and kindness, a future feeling that can be played glitteringly, a world of energetic bottle man who can laugh. Whether you turn to the right or the left, staff and cast deliver it with all our souls!

Coater Kogar’s rival “Blue Dragon’s Rapid Fire Prince” Hokari Ryo: KENN

I’m KENN, who is in charge of the role of Hokari Ryo, who is cool but actually passionated, fighting with a speed type bottle man! A bottle battle with various ways to enjoy using familiar items such as PET bottle caps.
I think you can enjoy it regardless of age or gender, and I hope you enjoy the fusion of digital and analog!

“Precision Shooting Samurai” as Oi Goemon: Fukuhara Katsumi

I was very happy to get this opportunity and I want to play Goemon by all means! I will do my best to sing, so thank you!
I sometimes played with Bottleman during the break in recording, and it was so interesting that I’m crazy about it! I’m looking forward to the anime broadcast and the release of Bottleman.

“A new enemy that arrived ?!” Minezaki Hanter: Iwasaki Ryota

Regent and sharp eyes are cool! I’m Iwasaki Ryota, the role of Minezaki Hunter! Anyway, I’m enthusiastic about playing, so please look forward to the future activities of hunters as to how they will be involved with the coater! !!

Bottleman’s creator “BMBC Chairman” Sail Hunting Suezo (Millionaire) Role: Kuroda Takaya

He is a millionaire who shows an unusual attachment to the cap.
A very fun role to play. Please watch the anime and enjoy the toys for the children!