It has been almost 3 years since the last “WIXOSS” anime, which is linked to the world of “WIXOSS”, Takara Tomy’s trading card game that targets older age groups. The 5th anime of the series, “WIXOSS DIVA(A)LIVE” has been announced to be broadcast from Jan. 2021.
The new “WIXOSS” is a 3 on 3 team battle, and pre-built decks of 4 teams from the new anime will be released.

In “WIXOSS DIVA(A)LIVE”, the characters from the “selector” and “Lostorage” series and the story has been reformed, and a completely new story centering on the battels of DIVAs, teams that consists of 3 LRIGs. Popular illustrator/VTuber Shigure Ui designs the fascinating characters that are indispensable to the “WIXOSS” world.

The anime, which will be broadcast from Jan. 2021, is produced by J.C. STAFF under the supervision of director Matsune Masato. Cast members include Fukuzumi Saya as Asu Hirana, Shiraishi Haruka as Sakigake Rei, and Hoshinoya Shizuku as Onko Akino.

In “DIVA Selection”, the new format of the trading card game, the conventional 1 on 1 battles in which the players summons a “LRIG”, the main character of the battles, has transcended into a 3 on 3 team battle.
2 Assist LRIGs are placed next to the Center LRIG, and the new element “Peace Cards” trigger special moves. This will shorten the matches and make it much easier for you to enjoy the battles.

The new anime “WIXOSS DIVA(A)LIVE” will be broadcast from Jan. 2021, and the linked trading card game will be releasing “WIXOSS TCG Pre-Built Deck DIVA DEBUT DECK No Limit / Card Jockey / Uchuu no Hajimari (Beggining of Space) / DIAGRAM” and “WIXOSS TCG Booster Pack GLOWING DIVA” on Jan. 16, 2020.
Also, “WIOSSLAND -W.I.S.H. in-“, a battle RPG app for iOS and Android based on “WIXOSS”, is accepting pre-registration.

(C)TOMY (C)LRIG / Project WDA