It has been decided that TV anime “Tomica Kizuna Gattai Earth Granner” (starting from Apr. 5, 2020) will be broadcast on the internet prior to its release on TV from Mar. 23 to Mar. 31. The episode 1, 2, and 3 will be divided into multiple episodes as the “advanced broadcast special version”.

“Tomica Kizuna Gattai Earth Granner” is a completely original anime to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Takara Tomy die-cast toy car manufacturer, called “Tomica”, where the robots change their forms by transforming and combining with other robots. The story is about the twin protagonist brothers of Raiga and Kuga, and the earth defense force called “Earth Granner” fighting to stop the ambition of the mysterious enemy, “Dark Spinner”, who attempts to steal Earth Energy, which is produced from the Earth's rotation.

For the casts, Ishigami Shizuka will play Kudou Raiga, who is the older brother of the twin, Sakurai Haruna will play the younger brother Kudou Kuuga, Hiyama Nobuyuki will play Gao Granner Leo, Hino Satoru will play Gao Granner Eagle, and Fukuyama Jun will play Mach Go.
Oishi Masayoshi, the anisong singer who is famous for providing songs to several anime, such as “Kemono Friends” and “SSSS. GRIDMAN”, will sing the opening theme song. The tile is “Sekai ga Kimi wo Hitsuyou to Suru Toki ga Kitanda” (The time that the world needs you has come).

TV anime “Tomica Kizuna Gattai Earth Granner” will be broadcast on “TV Osaka Programs Website”, “YouTube Takara Tomy Channel”, and “Takara Tomy Official Twitter Account” from Mar. 23, 2020 to Mar. 31 for limited time only.

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