“Violet Evergarden: The Movie” will be released on Sept. 18, 2020. The story that connects the hearts of people all over the world finally comes to the finale.

The main character, Violet Evergarden (CV: Ishikawa Yui), is an Auto Memory Dolls that writes letters. In the world where the war has just ended, people’s feelings are transcribed and carried as letters.

Violet is constantly nominated as an excellent doll, but at first, she couldn’t even write a short letter.

Let’s look back on the growth of Violet drawn through all 13 episodes of the TV series, paying attention to the contents of the letters.

■From military personnel to Auto Memory Dolls

The first part of the TV series is focused on the process of Violet becoming an Auto Memory Doll.

Violet has lived as an emotionless military tool since her childhood. However, during the war, she lost both arms and her superior, Major Gilbert Bougainvillea (CV: Namikawa Daisuke), and her life changed completely.

Former army Lieutenant Claudia Hodgins (CV: Koyasu Takehito) started working as a deliveryman at the CH Postal Company and became interested in the work of automatic dolls that he happened to see.
The reason is that he heard the same words “I love you” left by major Gilbert.

Maybe, if you become an Auto Memory Doll, you will be able to understand the meaning of “I love you.” For the first time, Violet chooses her own life and aspires to be an Auto Memory Doll.

In the second episode, there is a scene where Violet writes a letter for the first time. The client is a woman who wants to reply to the man who applied for dating.
However, to not be considered as an simple minded and porky woman, she ordered a letter to test the sincerity of the man.

Violet writes a letter exactly as the client says to her.
But she sent a formal and direct letter, which made the client sad, “I don’t like it this way, and there is no sincerity and affection.”

■Expose the feelings in written words

How should a “Good Doll” write a letter? Violet learns through a number of ghostwriters.

Violetdecided to attend an Auto Memory Dolls’ training school in the third episode. In the letter-writing class, she writes letters in a pair with Luculia (CV: Tadokoro Azusa).

Luculia didn’t know how to say thank you to her parents, but Violet summarized the words as they were.
“It’s been a long time since you’ve been writing these letters, but you have nothing to convey,” the instructor tells Violet, who wrote a sentence like a report.
“A good doll scoops up the true heart you want to convey from the words people speak.”

After that, Violet learned that Luculia couldn’t express her true feelings toward her brother, who is her only family.
Violet sent a short letter to a former military brother who regrets not being able to protect his parents from the war, saying, “My brother, I’m glad you’re alive. Thank you.”
It was the first letter that Violet wrote by scooping up the thoughts hidden in words.

In episodes 4-7, she goes to the client and writes a letter. Violet realizes that letters can convey feelings that cannot be directly said, so she could takepride in the work of Auto Memory Dolls.
There was also a scene where she sympathized with the client’s feelings and shed tears and finally became able to get a glimpse of humanity.

■What you can do in a letter

Violet has begun to work as an Auto Memory Doll, but the fact that she killed many people during the war has not disappeared.
In episodes 8 and 9, she was worried that she wasn’t qualified to write a letter, but still chose to live as an Auto Memory Doll.

By interacting with the client in episodes 10 and 11, she learned that letters are a way to convey our thoughts over time.
Violet works for a sick mother who wrote to her future daughter and a dying soldier wanted to send it to his family and childhood friends. Now she can write sentences that convey human warmth, such as, “Mom will always love Anne.”

However, both clients die shortly after the ghostwriting.
Feeling that she had done all she could do, Violet shed tears as if she could do nothing.

■Feelings she wants to convey to major Gilbert

Violet has written many letters, but there are still some that she cannot write. It is her feelings for Major Gilbert.

In episodes 12 and 13, Violet is involved in a conspiracy created by opposition to peace.

She tries to cooperate with the train escort to protect her boss Cattleya (CV: Endo Aya) who is heading for the peace signing ceremony.
However, Major Gilbert’s older brother said, “It’s still a tool that I just want orders for.”

Violet, who was worried but decided to “get through the predicament without killing anyone”, removes the bomb set by the opposition of peace and protects the train.

After the signing ceremony, the air festival, which delivers letters from the sky by plane, was approaching, and the postal company entered a busy period of ghostwriting.
In a situation similar to the ghostwriting of the second episode, there is a scene where Violet’s letters are changing.
A client came to ask her to write a letter to his son who died in the war.
“My son will never come back,” he said with desperation, and Violet sympathized with, “I understand.”
Then she wrote a letter saying, “Thank you for being born as our child,” and it’s what the client wanted to say.

Violet tries to write a letter to Major Gilbert for the air show. However, she couldn’t come up with what she wanted to say and just worried until the deadline.

Meanwhile, after Major Gilbert’s mother said, “My child is alive, in my heart. And I will never forget him. Because I still love him”, she becomesmoved and started writing letters…

She concluded by writing that she could not understand the feelings of the Major at first, that she could understand the feelings of others through a ghostwriter, and that she believed that he was still alive somewhere.

“I want to tell you that I want to see you again. Now I’ve started to understand what ‘I love you’ means”, she said.

Violet has begun to understand the meaning of “I love you”, which is the purpose of becoming an Auto Memory Doll. You will be able to feel the growth from the text of the emotional letter.

■What feelings are in the movie’s letter

Violet knows people’s hearts and can express their thoughts in letters. In the movie, she receives a request from the boy Julis.

Furthermore, in the preview video, there is a scene that is advised to forget about Major Gilbert. However, Violet answers straight, “I can’t forget,” and makes her own choice.

What feelings will Violet put in letters? Please check the answer at the movie theater.

(C) Akatsuki Kana/ Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee