The second key visual of “The Movie Violet Evergarden” (to be released on Apr. 24, 2020), as well as a summary of a new story that happens to Violet, has been released. At the same time, an official interview with Ishidate Taichi has arrived.

“The Movie Violet Evergarden” is a completely new movie of “Violet Evergarden,” a TV anime broadcast in 2018.

Violet Evergarden engaged herself in amanuensis. She believed that Gilbert was alive after the end of the war and spent her days just thinking of him.

One day, Violet happens to meet Captain Dietfried. He said that she should forget Gilbert anymore, but she simply answered straight away, “I can't forget him.”

At that time, there was a request call for Violet. The client is a boy named Julis. On the other hand, one unknown letter was found in the postal warehouse……

“The Movie Violet Evergarden” will be released on Apr. 24, 2020.
This time, the third movie tickets will also be released from Mar. 20, and the TV series will be rebroadcast from Apr. 1. Furthermore, an official Instagram account has been opened.

<The full text of the interview below>
──First of all, what did you think when you heard about “The Movie Violet Evergarden”? Then, what did you aim for in “the movie”?

At first, I thought, “What should I do? Can I draw something?” And then, I ended up with an idea of ​​drawing up the life of a woman called Violet Evergarden, and I thought I should aim for it.
From there, I talked to the screenwriter Yoshida Reiko that I wanted to draw Gilbert as a human being.

──Are there any difficulties that you were particular about?

I was particular about “not compromising”. The hard part was checking the “Layout” process.

──What kind of part do you want us to see especially?

Everything: People, life, nature that lives in the world.
I'll be happy if you receive everything.
I hope that it will reach even those who haven't watched the original or TV anime, or those who are new to Violet in “the movie”. I hope even those could enjoy what I made.

──The “Violet Evergarden” series is very popular not only in Japan but also overseas. What do you think is the reason?

Violet, the heroine who tries to face a common but universal theme, “love” without prejudice. Perhaps, because she reminds people who watched of reliving “love” that they experienced from childhood till now, and the feelings and thoughts along with it through naive herself. I don't think nationality matters.

──Finally, please give a message to everyone around the world who has been awaiting “The Movie Violet Evergarden”.

We've been trying to produce what we can do to the full extent as Kyoto animation now.
If you could see the consequence of Violet's “I love you”, I hope that her “I love you” could mean something to you.

I'm feeling very happy.

(C) Akatsuki Kana / Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee