The special video of the anime “Eagle Talon”,where Tsuda Kebjirou voicing all characters, “If Tsuda Kenjirou tried to be the voice actor of Eagle Talon by himself -‘Phantom Battle LeagueArc'”, has been released. He plays 14 characters in total, including familiar members such as the Chancellor, Yoshida-kun, and Deluxe Fighter.

This project “If ‘that’ person did it” originally started from the idea that the acting of the characters, which had been performed by an amateur FROGMAN, will improve greatly if they are performed by the professional voice actor.
So far, Nozawa Masako, Sugita Tomokazu, Nakata Jouji, and others have challenged, and this time, Tsuda joined cast for “Eagle Talon” Tsuda, will also take on the challenge as “to commemorate anime broadcast”of “Eagle Talon: Golden Spell” (Release Date: Oct. 4, 2020).

The content of the video is a completely new original story in which a Deluxe Fighter,who mainly stays home and wastes time, is urged by his subordinates to reluctantly go to see the current state of “Eagle Talon”.
A total of 14 characters, including familiar ones such as the Chancellor, Yoshida-kun, and DX fighter, as well as monsters with one or two uniquness, have appeared, and Tsuda is in charge of all of them
In addition to the voice acting that has never been heard before, some parts remind us of the parody of the characters that we witnessed in the past, and the video is finished so that both “Eagle Talon” fans and Tsuda fans can enjoy it.

After recording this video, where Tsuda had finished everything by himself, he commented, “I was happy to be able to do it in a world of laughter. It was hard to do all the characters, and I was a little nervous and tried I to do something interesting. However, I had real freedom during the recording … (laughs) It was fun.

The special video “If Tsuda Kenjirou is only voice actor ‘Eagle Talon:Phantom Battle LeagueArc'” is now available on YouTube.
Also, “Eagle Talon: Golden Spell” will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX and others from 01:20 A.M. on Oct. 4.