The project “Cocos×Free! Celebration Summer”, which “Free! the Movie-Road to the World-Dream” and the family restaurant Cocos collaboration project, has been started in Cocos restaurants around Japan from Aug. 17. (excludes certain restaurants).
Here at Anime!Anime!, a reporter visited the restaurant in Nakano, where the restaurant itself has been decorated specially for the collaboration.

The reporter's attention was first drawn to the banners standing outside the restaurant, which designed with images of “Cocos Anniversary Casts” of Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto, Matsuoka Rin, Kirishima Ikuya, Shiina Asahi, Hazuki Nagisa, Ryuugasaki Rei, Toono Hiyori, and Yamazaki Sousuke from “Free! the Movie-Road to the World-Dream”.

Haruka's banner with the comment saying, “Shall we enjoy and celebrate Cocos's anniversary this summer?”, is hanged under the billboard.
On the wall, the limited menu is introduced by the characters. Haruka introduces “Mackerel Aqua Pasta=For the COCO'S~”, and Rei and Nagisa introduce “Shaved Ice Pafe Free!STYLE=Sweet Dive~”.

A large banner with the characters welcomed the reporter by saying, “Welcome to COCOS in Nakano!”.

The original bouquet in the actual size has been held by Haruka next that banner. This bouquet contains many thanks for the collaboration, and “it adds baby's breath in purple on to gerbera in yellow”.

COCO'S in Nakano displays Haruka's character panel in the actual size. There are another 99 restaurants that display the character panels.

The inside of the restaurant is filled with “Free! the Movie-Road to the World-Dream”-related items, including posters on the walls, sheets covering the windows, and special design of the self-service drink fountain. Unique messages are written on the items on the wall.

To prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, a screen to block the infection through splash is installed on the table as well.

This plate is also installed in Akihabara. The fans can enjoy this collaboration safely.

Around 60 to 70 fans lined up in COCO'S in Nakano before the opening of the restaurant starting “COCO'S×Free! Celebration Summer”.
A clear file of the character in A4-size will be given per order of the collaboration menu, and the collaboration will be held in every COCO'S restaurant around Japan except for in Yamaguchi Ube Airport restaurant. Check detailed information on the special collaboration website.

“Free! the Movie-Road to the World-Dream”
(C) Ooji Kouji, Kyoto Animation/Iwatob Backup Group 2019