The completely new movie of the “Free!” series will be released in 2021. The teaser visual and PV have also been revealed.

The “Free!” series is produced by Kyoto Animation, and depicts the young students, who belong to a swimming club, tightening their bonds as a team to chase their dreams together.
A total of three TV animes have been broadcast since 2013, and including the movie, a total of five works have been released so far.

The release of the completely new movie has been announced in the event “'Free!' Series Orchestra Concert 2020”, which was live-streamed from Pacifico Yokohama in Kanagawa on Aug. 15.

Teaser PV and visual have been released, and finally the movie is going to depict Haruka and others challenging the world.

Furthermore, “Ima kara demo wakaru Free! series vol.2 (It's not too late to learn about Free! series vol.2)” has been released on Youtube, which summarizes the third season of the TV anime “Free! -Dive to the Future-” and its remake version “Free! Road to the World – the Dream”. Along with that, the release of the Blu-ray BOX containing the TV anime first season “Free!” and the second season “Free! -Eternal Summer-” has also been announced. It is the first BOX item of the series. More detailed information including the release date will be announced later on.

“'Free!' Series Orchestra Concert 2020” is being archived and can be streamed until Aug. 31. Orders for the concert's goods are being accepted as well. Please remember the memories in this summer, and look forward to the release of the complete new movie next year.

(C)Ooji Kouji, Kyoto Animation/Iwatobi Town Supporters' Club