It was revealed that along with the normal screening of “Given Movie” (release date: Aug. 22), the version with a special footage will be screened for a limited period. This version is called “Talk & Band, Given's 'Fuyu no Hanashi' Special Footage Screening”, and it will be available for the week from Aug. 22 to Aug. 28 at nationwide theatres that screen “Given Movie”.

“Given” is based on the boys love manga by Kizu Natsuki. The TV anime was aired on Fuji TV's late-night anime slot “Noitamina” from Jul. 2019 until Sep. 2019. After the broadcast was ended, it was revealed that the production of “Movie Given” will be handled by the BL anime label, “BLUE LYNX”.

“Talk & Band, Given's 'Fuyu no Hanashi' Special Footage Screening” will featured contents including the comments and favorite scenes of the main cast for “Given Movie” and the things they keep in mind during the recording.
The first half will feature the key members of the movie, which are the casts of the “adults” and the talk involving Nakazawa Masatomo (voice of Nakayama Haruki), Eguchi Takuya (voice of Kaji Akihiko), and Asanuma Shintarou (voice of Murata Ugetsu). The second half will feature the “High Schoolers”, which are Yano Shougo (voice of Satou Mafuyu) and Uchida Yuuma (voice of Uenoyama Ritsuka).

After the talk session, the live footage of “Fuyu no Hanashi” from the band Given, which Yano is the guitar/vocal, will be screened. This live performance was recorded in the live house (music club), Machida The Play House, the setting in episode 9 of the TV anime, which makes it a nice treat for fans.

(C)Kizu Natsuki, Shinshokan/ Given Production Committee