The new release date for the movie “Given”, which was initially postponed due to the coronavirus, is set for Aug. 22. The author of the original work, Kizu Natsuki, commented, “I'm very grateful to the people who are coming to the theater in these particular circumstances”.

The movie “Given” is originally a BL manga of the same title, which is currently serialized in Sherry Plus (Shinshokan). The first adaptation was a TV anime series broadcast on Noitamina from Jul. 2019.
Unlike the TV series which focused on the faint love of high school students Mafuyu and Ritsuka, the movie features a bitter and passionate love story with the adults Haruki, Akihiko, and Ugetsu.

Along with the announcement of the new release date, comments from the original author Kizu Natsuki, director Yamaguchi Hikaru, screenwriter Ayana Yuniko, music producer Michiru, and the composer of the theme song Centimilimental, have also arrived.

The movie “Given” is scheduled to premiere on Aug. 22, 2020.

<An extract from the full commentary>
Original Author Kizu Natsuki
“Now, I'm very grateful that the film 'Given' will be able to be released and that there are people who want to see it in this kind of situation. I think it's a tremendous good fortune. I'm so glad, thank you.”

Director Yamaguchi Hikaru
“Sorry for the long wait. We made this film with a hope that it can be enjoyed by both of those who have been following it from the manga and the TV anime, and that it can be gentle support for the audience. The songs in this film are all truly wonderful. Please enjoy it.”

Scriptwriter Ayana Yuniko
I am pleased to announce that fans will be able to see the movie “Given” during the same season as the stage play. In the middle of all the cancellations and postponements of various projects related to “GIVEN”, I feel very grateful for its early release.
Please watch the inseparable, lost, and troubled boys in a story made of love and music.

Music Producer Michiru
Due to the declaration of the state of emergency, the release of “Given” was once postponed, but now the fans will be finally able to see it at the theater. I sincerely hope you will enjoy the film and its surround sound system.

Composer of the Theme Song Centimilimental
Due to the sudden global threat of the coronavirus, which has left us helpless, the release of the movie has been postponed.
Sometimes it may happen that, when you walk out of the theater after watching the movie, all sorts of darkness, which you encounter in your long life, come crashing in. There are also some nights that you are worried about something and can't sleep.
At times like this, you can get over it through the message given by this film.
Don't worry. 'Even if you can't sleep, the night will be over soon'.

(C) Kizu Natsuki, Shinshokan / Given Production Committee