The release date for “Given Movie” will be on May. 16, 2020, and the key visual which depicts the four character of “Given” and Ugetsu was revealed together. It was also announved that the theme song will be handled by Centimillimental who previously handled the theme song for the TV series.

“Given Movie” is the movie adaptation of the TV Anime “Given” that was broadcast from Jul. 2019 to Sep. 2019 and this is the second work for the BL Anime Label “BLUE LYNX”.
After gettering attracted to Satou Mafuyu’s voice, Uenoyama Ritsuka, the high school student, invites Mafuyu to join his band that he formed together with Nakayama Haruki and Kaji Akihiko as a vocal. After their first concert, which was success, Ritsuka had realized his feeling toward Mafuyu and both of them started to date in the midst of the “Given” band activities.
On the other hand, Haruki had liked Akihiko for a long time but Akihiko is in a relationship with his roommate and violinist, Murata Ugetsu …

In the key visual, Ugetsu is standing in between Haruki and Akihiko which signifies the relationship between these three characters. With the catch-copy “The dawn, had come.”, it is a visual that shows the street changing from night to morning.

“Given Movie” will be in theaters from May 16, 2020.

(C) Kizu Natsuki・Shinshokan/ Given Production Committee