Shueisha will open manga posting and reading website for female readers called “Manga Meets” for the first time within the industry. Girls magazines such as “Ribbon”, “Margaret”, “Bessatsu Margaret”, “Cookie”, “Kokohana”, and a manga app for girls called “Digital Margaret” assembled regardless of its form of media, and the service itself will start from Aug. 26, 2020.

“Manga Meets” is the manga posting website for girls. Not only the users can be applied for multiple magazine awards, but they can also see the competition results and make a reservation for online manga quality check by the publishers and editors.

Not only the authors can freely post and serialize their original work, but the readers can also read them and editors can find unknown authors with outstanding abilities by using the app.
Setting “encounter” as their keyword, the providers aim for the place where the authors and editors can meet with each other and works.

In advance to the beginning of service from Aug. 26, the teaser website was opened and official Twitter and LINE accounts have been started from Aug. 3. Two new manga awards will be created and detailed information will be posted on the teaser website.

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Goal and target of “Manga Meets”
We hear voices from the authors that they “have no clue which magazine fits best for their style”.

In the manga industry, where a way of consuming manga varied and gains several forms of media to appeal their work, the authors, who want to be a manga author, are having a hard time finding their best manga platform to work on.

We created this website because we need to take away barriers created by forms of media, in order to create a place where the editors easily can contact the authors with outstanding abilities and ideas, regarding that Shueisha has been supporting multiple manga titles for girls over the years.

Any genre is welcomed if the manga targets girls and ladies. The genre is not limited to “romance”.