On Shueisha's e-books store “Margaret BOOK Store!”, the digital archives from 6 magazines for ladies are released for free from Apr. 8 on 12:00 noon.

The 6 magazine archives available on “Margaret BOOK Store!” are: Issues of “Ribon” from May 2019 to Apr. 2020, “Bessatsu Margaret” Feb and Mar. 2020 issues, 6th to 8th issues of “Margaret” in 2020, Feb to Apr. 2020 issues of “Cocohana”, Jan. to Mar. 2020 issues of “Cookie”, and vol. 30 to vol. 32 of “The Margaret (e-books version)”, which is a total of 25 volumes, are available for free.

The editorial department for ladies manga in Shueisha commented, “We will be happy if the children who cannot go outside of home and the manga fans would enjoy the e-books version of Shueisha's ladies' manga, including “Ribon” and “Betsuma”, as they started the free release.

Each magazine is available until Apr. 30 on 11:59pm. Also on “Margaret BOOK Store!”, other than this service, all 27 volumes of YOUNG YOU version of “Papa told me”, which is a popular serialized manga in “Cocohana”, will be available until Apr. 14 on 11:59 pm, and the VOLUME 1~3 for Shueisha's first boys-love manga “Kimikoi (Student Arc)” will be available for free until Apr. 30 on 11:59 pm.

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【The Editorial Department for Ladies Manga in Shueisha】
While being asked to stay home, we believe that there are many people who decide to spend their time at home. We decided to make a total of 6 Shueisha's magazines for ladies, which can be converted into 25 issues, for free in this situation. This decision is of course for the children who cannot go outside of home, and also for manga fans to enjoy Shueisha's manga for ladies, including “Ribon” and “Betsuma”.