The 'real deal' girls climbing story, “Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls” broadcast will start on Oct. 2020 and the teaser PV has been revealed as well. Along with that, the additional cast, including Tamura Yukari, Komatsu Mikako, and Machico, has been announced.

This anime is based on “Iwa Kakeru! -Climbing Girls-” and “Iwa Kakeru!! -Try a new climbing-” by the author Ishida Ryuudai that is currently serialized on “Cycomics”.

The main protagonist, Kasahara Konomi is a smart girl who won multiple titles from puzzle game competitions during her middle school period but she had failed her high school admission exam continously as she was too focused on the game. After undergoing vigorous studies, Konomi managed to get admitted into Hanamiya Girl's High School and she decided to look for an alternate hobby to replace game as she wanotso to avoid the previous failure. Then, she happend to encounter a colorful “Rock puzzle”, known as “Sports Climbing” on the school grounds.
The 'real deal' climbing story of Konomi trying to aim for the top along with the members of Hanamiya Girl's High School Climbing club, has started.

The PV depicted Konomi appearance while enjoying rock climbing along with the various charming characters.

At the same time, the casts of the rival school were also announced. Kurusu Anne (the idol-like existence in the climbing world and a skillful, world top class, super famous athlete) is voice by Tamura Yukari, Iwamine Chinari (one of the best athlete in the world that is also known as the “Climbing Spider”) is voice by Komatsu Mikako, Kumagai Chigusa (an athlete that is proud of her muscle and has the resolution of “Strenght is Power!”) is voiced by Kokuryu Sachi, Fujita Masumi (known as the “Black Panther” who used her physical ability trained from the track-and-field as her weapon) is voiced by Ueda Chihiro, Samura Rina (known as the “Crimson Red Assault Captain” due to her climbing passion) is voiced by Midou Daria, and Ooba Kurea (The “Ballerine on top of the wall” due to her superb balance sense trained from doing ballet) is voiced by Machico.

“Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls” broadcast will start from Oct. 2020.

(C)Ishizaka Ryuudai, Cycomics / Hanamiya Girls' Climbing Club Supporting Group