An original manga by Ishizaka Ryudai, “Iwakakeru! Climbing Girls”, which is currently serialized on “Cycomi”, will be made into an anime. Together with this, the lists of the main cast are also announced.

The main protagonist of this title is Kasahara Konomi, a girl who won multiple titles from puzzle game competitions during her middle school period. When she entered Hanamiya Girl's high school, she encountered a colorful “Rock puzzle”, known as “Sports Climbing”.
A friendship with the teammate, match with rivals… With girls aiming for the top of the rocks, the world's first sports climbing anime is starting.

Also, the lists of the main casts are announced together with the production of anime. The main protagonist Kasahara Konomi is voiced by Uesaka Sumire, and Ishikawa Yui will be voicing Uehara Jun, a character called “Speed Star of Hanamiya” for her climbing experience from childhood.
Yotsuba Sayo, the captain of the climbing club aiming for no.1 in the high school girl's climbing world, is voiced by Suzuki Aina. Sugiura Nonoka, a friend of Sayo and mascot of the club, is voiced by Tomita Miyu.

The airing schedule of “Iwakakeru! -Sport Climbing Girls-” is undecided. Details are to be announced later.

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