This year marks the 15th anniversary of “Capybara-san” and it has been decided that it will get its first animation “Anime Capybara-san”.
It will be broadcast starting October 9th on the TV Tokyo-based “Kinder TV”.

Capybara-san is a character that was born in 2005 from TRYWORKS, an all woman team of “BANDAI SPIRITS”. Since its original publication as a book with various prizes offered at game centers, various related products have been sold, and events have been held. It has been loved by a wide range of fans both at home in Japan and abroad.

“Anime Capybara-san” is a short animation that depicts the “Cool” everyday life of Capybara-san and his friends. The director will be Tomohiro Tsukimi of “Gudetama” and “Miss Ueno is clumsy”, and animation will be handled by Shin-Ei and Lesprit Animation.

“Anime Capybara-san” will begin airing on October 9th, 2020 on Telebi Tokyo's “Kinder TV”.