New visual and the latest information including the new opening theme song have been released as “ONE PIECE DAY” is coming on Jul. 22. At 9:00 pm today, a special program will be streamed, where Tanaka Mayumi as Luffy and Yamaguchi Kappei as Usopp will introduce more detailed information.

“ONE PIECE DAY” was established by the Japan Anniversary Association in commemoration of the day, on which “ONE PIECE” started to be serialized on “Weekly Shone Jump”. The new visual features Straw Hat Pirates in the costume of Wano country, Kaido of Beasts Pirates, and Trafalgar Law and Sabo in a special costume.

The opening theme song of the TV anime “ONE PIECE” will be renewed from the broadcast on Aug. 2. The new theme song has been decided as “DREAMIN' ON” by “Da-iCE”, a dance
& vocal group consisting of five members.

In addition, “ONE PIECE Wano Country” official stickers will be on sale at the LINE sticker shop from Jul. 28.
”LINE Creators Collaboration x ONE PIECE”, where you can make a sticker of your favorite character of “ONE PIECE”, will also be on sale from Jul. 22

Furthermore, two new videos(Luffy & Law, Luffy VS Kaido) have been added to “Postrecording Challenge”, on which you can try postrecording while watching the videos. You can also download the videos, so please check out the website for more detailed information.

Besides that, a collaboration with “Simeji”, a keyboard application has started, and a shop has been decided to be open for a limited time at “Diver City Tokyo Plaza”. “Ichiban Kuji ONE PIECE FULL FORCE” will also be on sale, where you have a chance to get “ONE PIECE DAY” original illustrations as a figure.

At 21:00 pm today (Jul. 22), '【#ワンピの日】 23rd Anniversary “ONE PIECE DAY” Special Live Streaming' will be streamed. Tanaka Mayumi as Luffy and Yamaguchi Kappei as Usopp will introduce more detailed information and perform live postrecording challange.

Please look forward to the future of “ONE PIECE”.

(C)Oda Eiichiro/Shueisha (C)Oda Eiichiro/Shueisha・Fuji TV・Toei Animation