The “School Life × Schemes × Suspense” manga, “Talentless Nana”, is serialized on “Monthly Shonen Gangan”. Its TV anime adaption has been decided to start in Oct. 2020. The anime visual and 1st promotional video was revealed along with the cast members including Ookubo Rumi, Shimono Hiro, and Nakamura Yuuichi.

“Talentless Nana” is set in a school on an isolated island in the middle of the ocean. The suspense with plots of justice and evil depicts a group of young individuals with supernatural abilities, who have the burden of “Destroying the 'Enemies of Humanity'”.
Written by Looseboy, the scenario writer known for the games “Sharin no Kuni: The Girl Among the Sunflowers” and “The Devil on G-String”, and illustrated by Furuya Iori, the manga has been serialized in “Monthly Shonen Gangan” from 2016.

The 3 main cast members were also announced.
Ookubo Rumi will be playing Hiiragi Nana, the self-proclaimed “I can read minds but can't read between lines!” girl, who was transferred to the school. Shimono Hiro will be playing Nakajima Nanao, the boy with a supernatural ability, who has a strong sense of justice and wants to become a hero. And Nakamura Yuuichi will be playing Onodera Kyouya, the unfriendly boy with a supernatural ability, who was transferred to the school on the same day as Hiiragi Nana.
In addition, it has been decided that Takanashi Yasuharu (Team-MAX) will be joining the music staff, Tomita Miyu will be singing the opening theme song, and Fujikawa Chiai will be singing the ending theme song.

The TV anime “Talentless Nana” will be broadcast from October.

<Comments are as below>
Ookubo Rumi as Hiiragi Nana

I'm Ookubo Rumi and I'll be playing Hiiragi Nana.
From the moment I read the original work at the audition, I was hooked by the story, and I was so glad to get the role of Nana.

The isolated training school, the children with mystical abilities, the mysterious “Enemies of Humanity”, etc. I want to stand by Nana and portray her fighting against the “Enemies of Humanity” and growing up.

I'm nervous since this is the lead role, but I'm also fired up!
I hope you will enjoy the TV anime “Talentless Nana”.

Shimono Hiro as Nakajima Nanao

I'm Shimono Hiro and I'll be playing Nakjima Nanao.
I love this type of story, and I hope you will enjoy what the shy, reclusive Nanao brings to the table!

Nakamura Yuuichi as Onodera Kyouya

I read the original work for the first time when I auditioned, and I was surprised by the unpredictable development of the story and was fascinated by the charms of the characters.
It's hard to get rid of the unfriendly image of Kyouya, but he is actually quite reasonable.
I want to well balance the two sides of him.

Takanashi Yasuharu (Team-MAX)
I'm Takanashi and I'll be in charge of the music on “Talentless Nana”.
When I was given the offer, I read the 1st volume and I was surprised by the development of the story!! It goes beyond my speculations and though the illustrations are cute, the plot twist is amazing!!
I was drawn into the world of “Talentless Nana” before I knew it, and was absorbed in reading it.

Music-wise, it's been a long time since I last composed suspenseful music.
I was excited to take on the various new challenges.
When the unexpected happens, when somebody's identity is revealed, subtle psychological descriptions, etc.!
I'm sure this is going to be a great piece of work.
Please look forward to the show.

Tomita Miyu as the opening theme artist
I'm Tomita Miyu and I'll be singing the opening theme song of “Talentless Nana”.
The other day, I was shown the opening video with powerful images linked to the song, and I'm already looking forward to the broadcast!

The song is a serious, edgy, dark song to match the story. I put my soul into the song and gave it my all to sing it.
I hope you will enjoy the theme song “Broken Sky” along with the anime.

Fujikawa Chiai as the ending theme artist
I'm Fujikawa Chiai and I'll be singing the ending theme song of “Talentless Nana”.
It feels good to get outwitted no matter how much you keep your eyes open for plot twists! The story goes beyond my imagination, and I was deceived right from the beginning. This was my first experience to face a protagonist with this mixed feeling of being tricked and bewildered. I should've hated her, but I somehow found myself sympathizing with her. Before I knew it I was completely drawn into the story.

I wrote this song called “Bakemono to Yobarete” (Being called a monster) while looking forward to the development of the story.
The song is about the conflict of those with supernatural abilities and those with none. What will the conflict bring about? I've struggled to get this song finished, and I hope it will reach the hearts of the fans.

(C)Looseboy, Furuya Iori / SQUARE ENIX, “Talentless Nana” Production Committee