The “School Life × Ingenuity× Suspense” works, which is currently serialized in “Monthly Shounen Gangan” (Square Enix), will be adapted into a TV Anime. Together with that announcement, the comments from the author, Looseboy, and the illustrator, Furuya Iori are revealed.

“Munou na Nana” takes place at a school on a solitary island in the distant sea. It is an ingenuity suspense work on justice and evil and depicts the young super-ability users who have the fate of “Annihilation of 'the Enemy of Humanity'”.
The story is written by the scenario writer Looseboy (known for the game “Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo”, “G-senjou no Maou”, etc.) . The serialization started in 2016 in “Monthly Shounen Gangan”. The latest volume, volume 6, will be on sales from Apr. 11.

As of now, the TV Anime broadcast remains unknown. Look forward to it.

<Below are the full comments>
During the greeting in the anime production meeting, I were surprised that there was so many people involved in the production.
I can only see my editors and the illustrator Furuya-sensei but think that manga can connect this many people.

There was a moment where it makes me think back on the people that are involved in the serialization and sales of the manga volume, and also the readers who supported me. I would like to thank everyone for this.
I am looking forward to the moving and talking Nana, Kyouya, and their activities in Nakajima.

【Illustrator:Furuya Iori】
It thanks to everyone that we had gotten such an opportunity. I am very grateful as I can sense that a lot of people are involved with it after being aware of Nana-san and the others.
Thank you very much!!

Do look forward to the anime!

(C)Looseboy・Iori Furuya/SQUARE ENIX