Celebrating the 45h anniversary of the series “World Masterpiece Theater” since the airing of the first episode “A Dog of Flanders”, a new project titled “Sekai Meisaku Nostalgia” was announced, with the anime “Romeo's Blue Skies” being the first to be featured.

“Romeo's Blue Skies”, which is also celebrating 25 years this year, will be licensed under the brand name “Romeo lo spazzacamino”. The first anime series to be part of the project “Sekai Meisaku Nostalgia” is geared towards an adult audience.

The project features a lineup with newly revised art by character designer Satou Yoshiharu, which will take form in decorations and kitchen appliances. And since the series takes place in Milano, Italy, “Romeo lo spazzacamino” makes use of the Italian language for design nomenclature.

New information can be found on their official website.