Developers of anime production applications, Hakusankan, have released “Oominesan Zenkibo”, a crowd sourcing service to match animators and production assistantsto productions.
In view of the recent state of the anime industry, it aims to solve problems such as low production costs for videos and unforgiving, tight production schedules.

“Oominesan Zenkibo” is the third website of Hakusankan, who has consecutively released products such as a group of production support specialized apps named the “Hattengu Series” consisting of: cut control app “Atago Tarobou” and the Rush check, retake automatic production app, “Sagami Daisen Houkibo”.

Animators are able to view current projects, pending ones and it also enables production teams to view the progress of the work. Animators are able to view tasks from production teams at their own time, check the status of each project as well as communicate with the production teams on the site. With this feature implemented, there is an anticipation for a reduction in phone communication.

Additionally, the site contains features such as easy cancellation, desired pay, along with the checking of tasks and materials etc. It seems to be a promising crowd sourcing service that enables fuss-free communication within the anime production scene.