The movie “Summer Wars” and “Real Escape Games” have collaborated to hold an online real escape game, “Escape from World Domination by AI”.
This is a hands-on game event where you can play online the story of saving the world from another crisis caused by a runaway hacking AI after the main story of “Summer Wars” and will start on June 28.

“Escape from World Domination by AI” is a hands-on game event that can be played online, where players can solve riddles while viewing a dedicated website from their PC, tablet, or smartphone.
The setting is the world after the movie “Summer Wars”, where the main character Koiso Kenji and the heroine Shinohara Natsuki appear, as well as Ikezawa Kazuma, the boy who controls King Kazuma, the most powerful character in the virtual world “OZ”, and Jinnouchi Wabisuke, who played a key role in the movie. The world is in danger again due to a runaway hacking AI.

When you purchase a ticket, a special URL required for the game will be issued immediately, allowing you to play at any time within the event period. The game can be played by any number of players, so you can enjoy the game alone, or you can play together with your friends or family members who are far away from you by using calling tools such as LINE or Zoom.
With the ability to create your own original avatar and the unique online puzzle solving and system, this is sure to be a hands-on game event that will allow you to enjoy the world of “Summer Wars” even more.

On the official Twitter account of “Real Escape Game”, a follow and retweet campaign “Get a prize by connecting with everyone” is being held from May 21, where the number of winners will increase depending on the number of retweets.
Especially in this day and age, please try the Real Escape Game “Escape from World Domination by AI” where you can enter the world of “Summer Wars” from the comfort of your home.