“Anime Expo Lite” was announced as a free online broadcast event. It has been decided that “Anime Expo Lite x Lis Ani! LIVE L.A.” will be featuring Uchida Maaya, Takahashi Youko, Nanjou Yoshino and others. For this event, premium members of au smart passes will receive limited edition special presents in addition to the broadcast.

“Anime Expo Lite x Lis Ani! LIVE L.A.” is an event held in place of “Anime Expo 2020” that is held annually in America's Los Angeles and is known to be the biggest anime convention in North America. “Anime Expo Lite” is a free online broadcast event and the live will be held as one of the sessions of the event. The broadcast of “Anime Expo Lite” will begin from 4 Jul. 18:00 (Japan Time 5 Jul. 10:00).

The “au Smart Premium Pass” is the only service where viewers can watch the archived videos. The live video broadcast will be available after the live performance on 5 Jul. 14:00 onward to 12 Jul. 23:59 (Japan Time). In addition to commentary videos from the 6 performing artists, there will be a present of 3 signed goods from the artists as well.

“Anime Expo Lite x Little Ani! LIVE L.A.” will begin broadcasting from Japan Time 5 Jul. 10:00 onward.