Long-running animes, such as “Gintama”, “Aikatsu Stars!”, and “A Certain” series, are featured in “Imakara demo Maniau! Ikikimi Suishou Anime” (It's not too late! Animes to binge watch!) on au Smart Pass Premium.

The feature program includes long-running animes, such as “Gintama”, which is based on the original manga with over 55 million copies published in Japan, “Aikatsu Stars!”/”Aikatsu Friends!” that depicts the idols doing their best to become top idols, the volleyball-themed “Haikyuu!”, “A Certain Magical Index”/”A Certain Scientific Railgun” series, which is based on light novels, and “Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!!”, which is originally a mini 4WD manga.

This is a great opportunity for those who only heard of the titles/series or watched the beginning but didn't follow, to check out these animes.

Another special program, “Ikemen Drama” (Handsome Drama), features 6 drama series and it must-sees, including “Toshishita Kareshi” (Younger Boyfriend), which stars members of Kansai Johnnys Jr., and “What Did You Eat Yesterday?”, which stars Nishijima Hidetoshi and Uchino Seiyou.

“Imakara demo Maniau! Ikikimi Suishou Anime” and “Ikemen Drama” can be currently streamed on au Smart Pass Premium.

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