While awaiting Blu-ray and DVD for the latest series “PSYCHO-PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR” on Jul. 15, 2020, the interviews will be released 3 consecutive weeks.
Miyano Mamoru, who played Homura Shizuka, talked about his impression of playing a mysterious character and his opinion about the society controlled fully by “the Sibyl System” through the 3rd volume of the official interview.

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—Please tell us your impression about playing the character from the 3rd season “PSYCHO-PASS 3” (rephrased as “PP3”) to “PSYCHO-PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR” (rephrased as “PP3FI”).

Miyano Mamoru (rephrased as “Miyano”): I felt “PP3” became a hard-liner mystery because 60 minutes were given per episode. When I played Homura Shizuka, I asked the director (Shiotani Naoyoshi) about his impression of the character, like “why would he take such action?” or “what is his goal?”. Every time I received an answer, I was always surprised by it.

There are many hidden features in “PP3”, and I feel love for delicate designs. I wondered how many things does he want to do through the anime. I think the biggest appeals of this work are the abundant settings and neat structures.

—How did you understand Homura Shizuka?

Miyano: You cannot understand what is he thinking only by looking at his actions. Being mysterious is one of his appealing points.
But I thought that I cannot keep Homura as a mysterious character through my acting, therefore, I asked the director to update Homura's settings, and I always had Homura's believes and sense of justice in my mind. There are not many expressions of his belief and sense of justice in the anime, but I tried to voice him according his thoughts.

—So there was a movement in his feelings behind the scene.

Miyano: There is just one scene in “PP3FI” that Homura kindly talks to others, and how he talked was much different from how he usually behaves. It slightly shows his spirituality and belief toward his goals. It is the first moment when he showed his emotions openly to others. I am sure that scene makes him look mysterious.

—What did you think about the inspectors Shindou Arata and Kei Mikhail Ignatov, who oppose to the mysterious organization “Bifrost”, where Homura belongs to?

Miyano: I believe that one of the appealing points of this series is the characteristics of two characters (Arata and Kei). I believe many of you had surprised from the appearances of a new type of partnership and new abilities, and there were changes to the flow of the story after the interactions between the characters were made. I like how the relationship between the two gradually changes and the story of each inspector gets depicted as well.

—In episode 8 of “PP3”, Shizuka meets Kei and invites him as the 13th inspector. What impression did you get from Kei in episode 8?

Miyano: Kei is an honest man with a strong sense of justice and a clear weak point. (His wife, Maiko Maya Stronskaya) I think Kei was an easy man to handle for Shizuka. I think a tricky part of Shizuka became evident with it.

—At the same time, Shizuka confronts “Bifrost”'s congressman,
Shirogane Haruki and Saionji Eiko in “PP3” and “PP3FI”. How did he understand the environment of “Bifrost”?

Miyano: I was stunned when I talked to the congressmen in “Bifrost”. I did not want to lose to them (Shirogane and Saionji). I always rely on the actors playing them (Shirogane is played by Naka Hiroshi and Saionji is played by Tanaka Atsuko), since they are more experienced than I am, but I feel like confronting them as Shizuka. I exchanged words carefully while being nervous.

—The secret of “Bifrost” is revealed n “PP3FI”. What's your thought on the society controlled by “Sibyl System”?

Miyano: I know, I know that “Sibyl System” is right…but is it acceptable? I think the interesting point of this series is that you always have “but” in your mind. A decrease in the number of criminals can be expected (by arresting the possible future criminals), and the safety can be intensified.

I think having your career chosen is an efficient way of living your life, but following the right and efficient paths may not be the only interesting way. I think I am allowed to work in multiple fields because I had experienced many things in my life.
I believe having many experiences is the method to foster your life with more choices. For example, when choosing a career, I like to look for things which suit me well.

That is why the theme of “'Sybl System' and humans” is interesting. You never get any mistake when you rely fully on the system and there is a possibility of believing in the wrong form of justice. That is why system needs humans, and it is depicted in “PP3FI” as well.

—How do you want the fans to enjoy “PP3FI”?

Miyano: I think many fans so far thought that Shizuka is a quiet character, and I think many people also believed that he is the last enemy. How he behaves in episode 8 toward Kei is clearly hiding something. (laugh)

But if you take a look at “PP3FI”, you will quickly realize that Shizuka is one of the main characters. I am relieved to hear that by knowing the story plot for “PP3FI”. Please enjoy the progression by watching the series.

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