Studio Ghibli revealed teaser images for their new CGI feature film “Aya to Majo”, directed by Miyazaki Goro and supervised by Miyazaki Hayao. Alongside, the director also commented briefly on the film.

“Aya to Majo” is based on a novel by the children’s book author Diana Wynne Jones, who also wrote “Howl’s Moving Castle”.
The story centers around a girl, Aya, who doesn’t that her true identity is a witch, until one day she is brought in to a mysterious household and ends up living under the same roof as another mean-spirited witch.

The film is under direction by Miyazaki Goro, who also won an Emmy award for his adaptation of “Ronja Rövardotter”. “Aya to Majo” was also one of the 56 movies chosen for Cannes Festival’s “2020 Official Selection”.

“Aya to Majo” will broadcast on 2020 Winter at NHK.

Director – Miyazaki Goro
There are way too many adults and fewer children presently here in our country (Japan).
It must be really tough for these children to be surrounded by so many grown-ups and having to deal with them on a daily basis.
There was this light bulb moment while I thinking about this matter, which allowed me to come up with ideas for the protagonist Aya.

Please do look forward to seeing in the movie her way of dealing with cumbersome grown-ups.
Although rebellious, the lovely Aya will give courage to the kids, and cheer up the adults watching.

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