Donguri Closet, a brand based on the heroines of Studio Ghibli films, has released a new collection “Pin Collection: My Favorites” (8 types, including 1 secret design) with the names of the heroines. The items will be available for pre-sale at the Lazona Kawasaki Plaza store from March 18, 2023.

“Pin Collection: My Favorites” features the heroines’ names along with their treasured items and friends who are always by their side, whether happy or a little down.

The small, colorful pins, measuring approximately 20 to 30 mm, can be worn on bags, hats, and other items to enjoy the heroines’ “favorites”. The pieces are also perfect for home decor, displayed in an accessory case or collection case.

The products will come in an opaque package, so customers will not know which item is inside until the package is opened. The collection consists of a total of 8eight types, including one secret design.

The “Pins Collection: My Favorites” will be available at the Donguri Closet Lazona Kawasaki Plaza store from March 18 for 800 yen each (tax included), and will be available at other stores from April 8.

(C)Studio Ghibli