The production committee announced the postponement of broadcast and streaming of “Ikebukuro West Gate Park” from Jul. to Oct. Also the key visual and the appearances of Kimura Subaru and Hanae Natsuki have been announced as well.

IWGP Production Committee commented, “We decided to postpone the broadcast and streaming due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, which brought a huge effect on our production schedule”.

New broadcast and streaming dates are scheduled on Oct. 2020, and detailed information will be announced on the official SNS accounts as soon as the decision will be made.

Moreover,Kimura Subaru and Hanae Natsuki's appearances as a new cast members have been decided. Kimura plays Hiroto, who is the number 2 of the strongest color gang at the west side of Ikebukuro called “G Boys”, and Hanae plays Isogai, who is the archangel of the new color gang at the east side named “Red Angels”. The comments from them have arrived.

TV anime “Ikebukuro West Gate Park” is scheduled on Oct. 2020. Further information will be announced as soon as the decision is made.

<Full comments are listed below>
Kimura Subaru, playing Hiroto

I am very excited to play him! I am a big fan of this since the live-action adaption, and I paid attention to this right after the anime adaption has been announced.
It is like a dream to me to be a part of this anime!
I will do my best!

Hanae Natsuki, playing Isogai
I am honored to be the part of this work because I know that this series has so many fans and experienced several adaptions to multiple forms of media.
Please look forward to IWGP and Isogai originally to the anime!

(C) Ishida Iyo/ Bungeibunshun/ IWGP Production Committee