The famous novel by author Ira Ishida, which has received many adaptations before such as the TV drama starring Tomoya Nagase of TOKIO, and stage play by the same name 「Ikebukuro West Gate Park」, will be adapted into an anime in 2020. The studio behind 「NEW GAME!」and 「Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru」, which is famous for their beautiful drawing, will be in charge of the adaption.

「Ikebukuro West Gate Park」, a mystery novel by Ira Ishada, has sold over 4.2 million copies and been adapted into TV drama, stage play.
Ikebukuro's park on the west side in Tokyo, also known as "Ikebukuro West Gate Park", has a nearby fruit shop. Makoto, the owner's son, nick-named "Ikebukuro's troubleshooter", has been solving many difficult cases assigned to him. The story revolves around Makoto standing up against the dark side of society with the help of his friends and street gangs.

「Ikebukuro West Gate Park」 anime adaptation is scheduled for 2020 release.

Author's full comment:
【Ira Ishida】
As a kid, I have been growing up watching many anime masterpieces. I am overjoyed that 「Ikebukuro West Gate Park」 will be made into an anime. wonder how the anime will turn out compared to the TV drama and stage play. I wonder how the anime will portrait the irregular part of society. I have my faith in the hand of Japan's anime.