“Sonic the Hedgehog” is the live-action movie adaption of Sega's game character called “Sonic” in Hollywood. The release date is Jun. 26, 2020.
Yamadera Kouichi is the voice actor who voiced Doctor Robotonic, who is originally played by Jim Carrey, in the Japanese dub version. To celebrate Yamadera Kouichi's birthday on Jun. 17, the movie clip which Yamadera's expression skills overwhelms Tom, who is originally played by James Paul Marsden, (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi), has been release.

Dr. Robotonic sneaks into Tom's house to obtain the superpower from the blue, shiny body furs.
Tom is overwhelmed by Dr. Robotonic's dignity and intensity; Doctor does not care whether his opponent is a police and he attacks the opponent with multiple threatening words and one way countdown.

Sonic, who is hiding, makes his appearance at the speed of light, after seeing his first friend being in a big danger.
Despite Dr. Robotonic is searching for the blue furs living being, he screams and freezes up after seeing Sonic standing with 2 legs and speaks in human language.
Tom overcomes the danger after he punched the doctor immediately, but the existence of Sonic and Tom have been revealed to the enemies.

Jim Carrey, an actor that is also famous for his unique acting and outstanding skills in Japan as shown in “Mask” and “Grinch”, has also shows his skills also in this movie clip.
Yamadera, who has been playing dub version of Jim Carrey's characters, revealed his true feelings by saying, “I am grateful to Jim Carrey because I was able to recognized as a dub voice actor since the actor Jim Carrey was there. While I was thinking that it has been a long time since his last appearance, but to think that I can voiced Dr. Robotonic played by my respected Jim Carrey! It make me so happy.”.

The luxury of Yamadera Kouichi playing Jim Carrey's unique Dr. Robotonic can only be enjoyed in Japan. Please enjoy this Japanese dub version of “making your ears happy” in the movie theaters.