It was revealed that starting from Jun. 11, 2020, the movie “Frozen 2” will be available for a subscription streaming for the first time on Disney's official video streaming service “Disney+”, and it limited to Japan only.
At the same time, a newly created key visual featuring “Frozen” series and the latest promotion video are revealed.

“Frozen 2” is the No.1 Animation movie in history and the box office revenue was recorded at 1.45 billion USD worldwide and it the latest work for the “Frozen” series, which is one of the most successful franchises among Disney's work in Japan.
This is the first time that these works arethis works is available at the subscription video streaming service in Japan, and it is available right after “Disney+” in Japan has appeared.

“Disney+” will feature a total of 18 works (55 episodes) with a total time of 3 5 hours of “Frozen” related works such as the movie “Frozen” and “Frozen 2”, the short animation, the precious documentary, and the full orchestra concert featuring “Frozen” as its theme.

Other than that, starting from Jul. 3, the documentary “Into the Unknown~ Making of 'Frozen 2'” (6 episodes, 60 minutes each) featuring the effort of the creators in making “Frozen 2”.
The challenges, surprise, the breakthrough moment, the artistic talent and creativity, and also the difficulty faced to create this Walt Disney Animation work are captured for the first time with a camera.
As the secret behind the release of this popular movie is revealed for the first time, so don't miss it.

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